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McAfee is the classic and reliable antivirus brand which gives your computer new and improved performance quality. McAfee is America's worldwide computer security software offering all-round protection to millions of people; keeping their data and privacy safe and secure. You may use McAfee on your desktop, MAC, iOS and Android smartphones to protect your device’s data from external factors.

Are you still using a computer with a virus? Then, you should switch to McAfee antivirus, right away. Hold on! make sure you uninstall any other security products on your system to prevent conflict in the performance.

To start with McAfee Activate, you need to follow certain steps:

  1. 01) Grab your “McAfee Activate“ Total Protection Card.
  2. 02) Visit ‘
  3. 03) After ensuring that you have selected the right country, you are supposed to enter your 25-digit activation code. You will find the McAfee Activate code or the McAfee product key printed on the McAfee product retail card which you have purchased from the store. If you purchased an e card online, you will find it mentioned on it. Make sure you keep that card secured until you have registered to
  4. 04) Type in your email address and then click “Submit.
  5. 05)Review your plan and click “Install.
  6. 06) Your system is now ready to fight with all types of viruses!

In addition, McAfee is designed to guard your devices, systems, and smartphones against any malware, spam ware, and hijackers.

The moment you buy a computer, laptop, or any smartphone, you are in dire need of activate. It is always the right decision to install McAfee on your system instantly.


Web Installation

'McAfee Activate highly recommends you to use this method for web installation. All you need to do is:

  1. 01)Open the McAfee product packaging.
  2. 02)Take a look at the Quick Start guide that includes activate or the product key.
  3. 03)Visit
  4. 04) Select your country. Now, type in your McAfee Activate code or the McAfee product key.
  5. 05)If you are a new user, please register with McAfee Activate first or log in with your existing McAfee account credentials.

CD Installation

If your internet connectivity is not as great as usual, you may use the CD installation method to install antivirus on your device. Follow the following steps for proper installation:

Viruses are a threat to your precious data and efficient systems. If you spend most of your time exploring new things on the internet, then, you must start protecting your tech from these unwanted aliens. Visiting to protect your computer and smartphones. Still wondering whether to make a purchase or not?

Let’s give you precise knowledge about the activate licencing options and the plan which McAfee provides to you:

  1. 01)Single Device: If you want to use McAfee Activate on one device this plan is the best for you. You will get a one year subscription with this plan
  2. 02)Individual and couples: This a multi-device plan and you can connect five devices. You will get a one year subscription with this plan.
  3. 03) Family: This is a flagship family package plan. You can connect 20 devices and you get a one year subscription with this plan.
  4. Note: The subscription or licence are available for more than one year with some additional charges.

    Note: The subscription or licence are available for more than one year with some additional charges.

    For a better working and understanding of your McAfee products, make sure you always refer to the official website In case you face any complications in installing activate, you can contact the experts who are available 24X7 for all users.